Monday, August 29, 2011

And off it goes.. UPDATED


This is me getting ready to mail off the last little bit of our dossier to our agency in America on July 23rd.
They had to create a list of documents and prepare our dossier to be sent to Eastern Europe all of this took about a month.

I am overjoyed to let you all know that our agency mailed off our dossier today and it is on it's way to Baby A's country!!! It will take about a month to get there and get translated then it will be submitted to the government in Eastern Europe and we will wait for a travel date. I am hoping we will get to travel for the first time at the end of October to meet our sweet boy! That is just a guess though we wont know for sure until they give us a date :). Please be praying that our dossier gets there quickly and we are submitted as fast as humanly possible. We are so so thankful for God's faithfulness to our family we can't wait to go meet our baby boy!

Monday, August 22, 2011

More exciting news!!!

We just heard from our agency and our dossier is PERFECT!!!! We don't have to redo anything. I am so so so excited about this!!! All of our hard work has paid off and for now we can just sit back and wait for a travel date. We are still several weeks away from that point but it is so nice not have to do anything right now!!!!

I am just rejoicing and praising the Lord!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Exciting news while we wait...

Our completed dossier is still at our agency in America and as far as I know our agency hasn't gotten a chance to look at it yet. I am a little bummed out about this but I know they have to work in the order in which they receive the paperwork. I know a lot of families are using our agency and some of their children and living in horrible conditions waiting until their families can go save them. I want to be able to meet Baby A LIKE NOW and bring him home soon but I can rest knowing he is being taken care of by people who love him and want what's best for him. His nanny is the only Mommy he has ever know and she takes such good care of him. It is so nice to be able to move forward with the adoption and not have to worry about our boy.

 And now for the exciting news... We received a check in the mail for $4,000!!! That means we only need to raise $9,000 more and we will be fully funded. We are just rejoicing and praising God for His faithfulness! Although $9,000 may sound like a lot I am just excited to be under the $10,000 mark. We are getting close!!!

Thank you again to everyone who has donated money, done fundraisers and prayed for us. We are so so blessed!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fundraisers for Baby A

Hi everyone, I wanted to let y'all know that Baby A's fundraising blog is in full swing so go check it out!

Right now there is Thirty-One gifts fundraiser and several different kinds of Starbucks Coffee up for bid.

Go check it out HERE and check back often for more items up for bid.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And it's off

I just wanted to let everyone know we mailed our dossier to our agency last week!!!! It takes a few weeks for our agency to create their documents then they will mail it off to Eastern Europe. Once it is in Eastern Europe our agency there has to translate our dossier and create some more documents which can take a few weeks to get done. The lady at our agency in Eastern Europe is going to be on vacation for a few weeks this month so that might slow us down a little bit.

My guess and this is just a guess is that we might be traveling for the first time in September to meet Baby A and officially commit to his adoption in Eastern Europe. Then we have to come home and wait for two to three months for a court date. After that we will go back to adopt him and bring him home! So maybe in November or December depending on how long it takes to get a court date.

We are excited to be getting so much closer!!! We know that God's timing is perfect and we are just trusting Him to work out all the details.

I may not have any updates for awhile because now we just wait but if anything new happens I will update you all.