Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dear Anton

I had the opportunity to write a letter for Anton and have it translated into his language and send it with a volunteer. I was so excited about sending a note to him and expressing our love for him but I had a really hard time trying to figure out the wording. Eastern Europe wont consider us committed to him until after we meet him for the first time and we sign paperwork saying we are committed to him. So I couldn't figure out how to word the letter. I didn't know if I should say hi I'm Vanessa and my family loves you very much and..... I couldn't really figure out how to word it with out saying too much so I decided not to do it. But after I saw the video on Anton's FB page of him sitting up all by himself I knew I had to start writing letters to him on here because I have so much I want him to know.

So here goes...

Sweet Baby Anton,
There is so much I want you to know so much I want to say I am not sure where to start so I will start at the beginning. Jason and I have always wanted to adopt we have talked about it since the beginning of our marriage but weren't really sure when we should start. We knew after having Judah that he would be our last biological child and we would adopt all of our future children. We were so excited to start the process to adopt but again we really didn't know when we should start.

The Lord allowed us to be blessed with conjoined twin daughters on November 11th 2008 and it was during my pregnancy with them that I began to develop a HUGE heart for kids with special medical needs. I was hoping we would be able to adopt a child with special medical needs because I truly knew what a huge blessing all children are.

I had thought maybe we should wait until Judah was 2 to start the process to adopt but a few days before I found out about you I started really wanting to adopt right away. I kept thinking "no we should wait" then I would think "no I really want to start now." These feelings of wanting to adopt soon only increased as the days went on. Then on February 8th I clicked on my friend Kristy's FaceBook page and she had posted a link to your story and it was love at first sight. The more I read your story the more I fell in love. It is so hard to explain but I knew you were supposed to be our son and we needed to do whatever we could to bring you home!

I had about 30 minutes to wait until my husband got off of work to tell him all that I had just discovered. I prayed and prayed for Jason that if this was the Lord's will God would prepare his heart and he would be just as excited as I was. It finally came time to call him. I started telling Jason your story and I was brought to tears more than once telling him about your first year of life. After I got through telling him all about you and my desire to adopt you I said "so what do you think?" He said "we are all for adoption let's go for it." I was so excited!

I got off the phone with him and called Kristy right away to tell her that it is was our desire to be your forever family. She didn't answer but called me back about ten minutes later. I told her how much I loved you and how much we wanted you and she said "Vanessa I just got chills. I was rocking Hope to sleep when you called and I was praying asking the Lord if it was His will for us to adopt Anton would He please show us and if not would he please close the door." I thought that was so amazing! She told me about Patrice (Jonah's Mom) and how she was wanting to help raise money for Anton's adoption. I couldn't believe all the support we had so quickly.

I got off the phone with her and started contacting the volunteers who were working so hard to find you a family. I started calling adoption agency's and home study agency's and working for hours and hours a day trying to get moving on your adoption.

I have never doubted for one second from the moment we found you that you are supposed to be our son and Lord willing one day (hopefully very soon) we will be able to officially say you are a Delgado.

I can not wait for the moment I get to hold you in my arms and tell you I am your Momma! I love you more then you will ever know and I want you to know we are working as hard and as fast as we can to bring you home.

I love you sweet boy and I am so excited to see how well you are doing through your FaceBook page!

Love your soon to be Momma!


  1. God bless you, Vanessa and Jason. You are just awesome. May the Lord continue to bless you with all that you need so that Baby Anton is in your arms as soon as heavenly possible. For this I pray, too. Amen.

  2. Vanessa,

    Alena, who is visiting Anton in the hospital, asked me to tell you that she made this video having you in mind.


  3. I can't wait to see the pictures when you do finally bring him home and become a family.

    He looks so happy in this video! It brings tears to my eyes to think how he has spend his life, but it also makes them happy tears to know that he is going to get so much love and happiness in his future.

  4. Vanessa, I teared up watching the video a few minutes ago on FB. What a sweet blessing he is. I loved the way he seemed to be trying to figure out the camera. It is SO awesome to see the way God is taking him from a sick, lonely baby to a strong, loved boy!! Praying for you!!

  5. I am also waiting to see your family together. Anton is just so beautiful, you both are truly meant to be together. I continue to pray for your family and keep praising god for all he is doing for Anton!

  6. At the hospital bedside of Anton is a frame with your photo. Now Anton daily talk show "This is your parents'
    We will translate your letter and I'll take him to the hospital to nurse him to read before bedtime as his parents love him and will soon arrive for him


  7. I've seen this video on Facebook and was soooo smitten by Anton. I cannot wait for you to take him home!!!! Please God, let this happen SOON!

  8. I have been following your blog since reading about Anton on Jonah's blog. What a beautiful little boy! Oh my goodness, that video brought me to tears. I pray for your family and for sweet, beautiful Anton that he will be home with his new family soon.