Monday, October 3, 2011

Sorry if I scared you.

Hi everyone,

I wanted to start out by saying I am so sorry if I scared some of you by making this blog private. A few days ago we were advised to make our adoption blog private due to some issues going on in Baby A's country (nothing major it's just a precaution). It is very important that we are not linked to Baby A online at any point in this adoption until he is legally made our son on that amazing day in court. We have decided to make this blog private and just put updates on our family blog. They won't be super detailed but I will make sure and post the important stuff like when our dossier is submitted to his country, when we get a date to go meet him, when we get a court date... all the important stuff. I will be very careful and be very vague about who we are adopting but don't worry Baby A is still our boy.

We can't wait to bring him home and the way I look at it is I can either post way too much information on here (posting pictures and sharing information about who we are adopting) and risk losing our referral or I can keep quite for a few months, bring our boy home and share him with you all the time. I choose option number two...

I know so many of you have invested your time, money, prayers and love into this adoption and I can not tell you how amazing you have all been. I hope you are not hurt by this but again we have to do what's best for Baby A and our family.

I will leave the blog public for a week in hopes that everyone will get this update. You can still follow us on our family blog but PLEASE PLEASE don't post anywhere online (until after court) our blog link and say we are Baby A's family. If that happens I will have to make our family blog private too. You can also email me at any point if you have any questions

Thank you again for everything!


  1. Looking forward to the updates. And praying ....

  2. Best wishes. Read your blog without signing for updates for a long time, will add you to friends list to keep an eye on when it'll be public again. I'm sure all'll be fine, you're awesome people.

  3. Do not worry! Everything will be fine! I believe in it!