Monday, June 6, 2011

USCIS appointment & FBI

Jason and I had our biometrics or what is commonly called fingerprints taken today at the USCIS office and everything went GREAT. We were in and out of there in about ten minutes. We walked in handed them our appointment letters they gave us an application to fill out then we waited all of 5 minutes to go back and have our fingerprints taken. It was super cool how they did it no black ink for these guys they put our fingers on this little piece of glass that is somehow connected to a scanner and the computer and one by one our fingerprints were scanned in the computer. Then they handed us a comment card to rate their services and we were out the door. It was kinda funny they didn't really give us much of a choice on filling it out, they just handed it to us and said go sit over there and fill this out then you are free to leave. That was it after that we left and were both kinda in shock at how easy it was.

I called the USCIS office today to see if we had been appointed and officer and I was so bummed out to hear we have not been assigned an officer yet. Will you please join me in praying they will assign us an officer soon. I know the person I want to be our officer but we can't request who we want so if you could also be praying if it is the Lord's will that we will get the officer I am thinking of :)

The other thing is our FBI background checks are not even in the FBI's system yet so if you could also be praying that this would go quickly I would appreciate it!

We are almost done with everything for our dossier which I am so excited about so once that's done we will just be waiting on USCIS and the FBI. Kinda cool to say you are waiting on the FBI ha

Those are the only updates I have and I will keep you posted once more come up.

Have a great day!


  1. Glad the fingerprinting went smoothly - will pray that the other pieces fall into place quickly too!

    Laura (from McKinney!)

  2. you have my prayers honey. i hope god speeds things at race pace for you to your miracle! xxxx

  3. Hi Vanessa, we are a RR family too, and I"m wondering if you can share the number you reached the FBI at...we are 3 weeks into our wait and I'm impatient! My email is: jessica(dot)vaness(at)gmail(dot)com.