Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back on track.

We are still not finished getting everything ready for the dossier but we are getting much closer. We only have a few things left to do. Then we wait and wait and wait for USCIS approval.

 Trying to get the last few papers filled out for the dossier.

I started out with one folder for our paperwork but quickly realized I needed something MUCH bigger. There are well over 200 papers in this file holder all for the adoption :)

My sweet hubby filling out paperwork. I made him use my girly pen :)
Even though our day did not go as planned last week it has not made me want to stop but move faster. It is so strange to me that I can miss someone that I have never met but I miss Baby A so much and I often dream of going to visit him. Even though the adoption process is hard at times it is so worth it. The best way I can describe it is like this... If someone took your child across the world and told you you had to do X,Y and Z to get your child back you would do everything they said and more to get to bring your child back home. It wouldn't seem like a burden to fill out paperwork but a joy knowing you would soon get to see your child. It is my joy to do above and beyond what is required to get to bring Baby A home.

I hope you will all continue to lift us up in prayer, we still have a long way to go but he is so so worth it.


  1. I always take a min and check your blog out, cannot wait for you to get baby A home, Your guys are awesome, and in my prayers daily!

  2. God bless you! I admire you and your family for giving bay A. the opportunity for a good life.
    Marianne (mom in the Netherlands through adoption of Matt (3) en Jephté (3))

  3. just found you and you are immediatly in my hearts and prayers xxxxxxxxx

  4. Thinking of you and praying that everything goes smoothly and as quick as possible. God bless.