Sunday, May 8, 2011

update and a letter to Baby A #2

I am so excited to say we got our completed home study in the mail on Saturday and I will be mailing that and our USCIS paper work off first thing Monday morning! I will spend the next two weeks getting everything together for our dossier. I am hoping to get it all done this week but I know sometimes my goals are a little crazy so we shall see. Those are the only updates I have for today.
And now a letter to my sweet boy.

Dear Baby A, 
 Today is Mother's Day. It is a day where we celebrate Mother's. Sometimes I get a little crazy and want Jason to go all out for Mother's Day but not this year I just wanted to chill with my family. Jason made today very special by letting me decide what I wanted to to today. He took care of the kids and cleaned the house so I could rest. I really enjoyed today but I will admit the whole day I felt like I was missing a few of my kids.

One thing you don't know quite yet but you will soon is you have a family all the way on the other side of the world who can't wait to bring you home. You have a big sister Kenya and she talks about you all the time. If we have friends come over she loves to tell them we have 5 kids in our family then she names them all Kenya, Melody, Madison, Judah and Baby A. She tells them all about you and how she is going to touch you gently. She can't wait for you to come home. You also have two big sisters Melody and Madison they were born on November 11th 2008. They were the most beautiful twin girls but God chose to bring them home to heaven after they had lived on this Earth for an hour. We know that God was glorified through their lives and we are so glad God chose us to be their parents. In fact God used their lives to change our hearts and cause us to long to care for a child with a special medical need. So you can kinda say part of the reason we found you is because God allowed us to be their parents first. You also have a brother who is around the same age as you. He is too little to understand that you are coming home to us but we show him your picture and he says "Bubba" it is so cute! We are teaching him to touch things gently so that when you get here he will be careful with his Bubba. You have lots of amazing Grandparents and Aunt's, Uncle's and cousins who can't wait to meet you! 

Today was a great day but it made me miss you a lot. I can't wait for the day I can whisper in you ear I am your Momma and I love you and I wanted you from the second I saw you. You are loved sweet boy I can't wait to tell you how loved you are. 

We are getting closer to being about to come see you. We wont know for sure when we will meet for the first time for a few more months but I can't wait for that day! Your Daddy is also very excited about meeting you. We talk about you all the time! 

I can't wait to tell you about our great God and savior. And how He is the one who formed you in your Mother's womb. I can't wait to tell you that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and God can use your life for His glory if you will trust in Him. Your life might not always be easy sweet boy but I will tell you God is amazingly faithful.

 I can't wait to sing to you and read books to you. I can't wait until you can go on family walks with us. I can't wait to kiss your sweet face everyday and tell you how loved you are! I can't wait to see Jason hold you for the first time! I can't wait until we step foot on the airplane and know that you are really really going home with us and I can't wait for you to meet Judah and Kenya.

You are very very loved sweet boy! 

I am so thankful for how well you are being taken care of! It is so hard to be away from you but knowing you are in such good hands makes it a little easier. 

Baby A I LOVE YOU and we will be coming for you as soon as we can! 

 Your Mommy! 

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