Monday, February 14, 2011

Adoption Agency's and Home Studies

Well today was a crazy busy day. My goal for the day was to pick an agency to work with and turn in our application. Then I wanted to clean the house, have the kids down for a nap and have lunch on the table when Jason got home today. I don't do those things everyday but I wanted to spend some time with Jason today so I was working hard. Much to my surprise it took HOURS to find an agency that would be able to take on A's case. In fact I only found three out of the hundreds I called... Okay I called 10 or 15 not hundreds but the amount of hours I put in it sure felt like hundreds. Today was just a taste of what's to come. I know we are going to have alot of paperwork and hundreds of hours put into this adoption before it is all over with and I can say with out a doubt it is all worth it for Baby A's sweet face!

I was able to find an agency to work with. They knew all about A's case and they spent a great deal of time warning me that we could start this process and get a home study done but if someone gets one done before us we could be wasting our money. I assured her that we weren't scared of proceeding with this adoption. Jason and I have always wanted to adopt and if we are not A's forever family we hope to use the home study (we haven't done one yet) in the future to adopt someone else. Of course we hope everything will work out for us to be A's parents though.

I also told her we were not wanting to compete for Baby A if someone else was really wanting him and they had their home study done we would back off and see if they were able to adopt him. We love this baby so much we just want him to be in a loving home that will care for his needs and teach him all about Jesus!

After we secured the agency we were going to go through I then spent the next few hours trying to find someone to do the home study. Again much to my surprise only 2 company's could do it for us. We will be choosing one tomorrow. Please be in prayer about that! After we choose the one we want to work with then we will fill out the paper work asap, get our house ready then get the home study done. All of this could take 6 to 12 weeks. Please be praying that the timing works out and we will get everything in order as quickly as possible. Also be praying that whoever we use will process the paper work as fast as they can.

So by the time I found an adoption agency and two companies to do the home study Jason was about forty five minutes away. I was panicked. I wanted the afternoon to go exactly as I had planned it and my plan was quickly falling apart. I rushed to get lunch done and I got it in the oven 5 minutes before he got here. Then I cleaned as much as I could. Kenya was outside playing so I let her enjoy some good old sun with her friends. I put Judah down for a nap and he woke up 5 minutes later... Jason walked in the door and was just as sweet as he could be. Oh and I forgot to make rice for our lunch, broccoli cheese casserole is so much better over rice. I started cooking that as soon as he walked in the door. Oh man this day did not go as planned but it was still a great day. Jason and I did get to spend some time together (even though Judah cried on and off almost the whole time). Kenya enjoyed playing with her friends. And we were able to eat a yummy lunch.

We have so much to be thankful for I never want to take for granted that God has blessed us with such amazing gifts. A house, food, clothes, a FAMILY, His salvation, a church that loves the Lord and teaches the hard truths of God's work, 2 healthy children, 2 children made whole in heaven and one very special little boy overseas who has a piece of my heart even though he doesn't know it yet.

Please keep praying for us as we move forward as quickly as possible. Please keep praying for sweet Baby A.

This is my hearts cry today:

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7


  1. I'm so happy for ya'll Vanessa and I so hope ya'll get to bring Anton home to your wonderful family! He's so cute!

  2. I am so glad that you guys are going through this journey for Anton. I, like you, love this little boy so much - I just want to see him in a loving home with a loving family to give him the care he needs.

    You definitely have my prayers! Please keep us posted on how things are going!

    RDEB 36

  3. I am SO excited for you and am praying for Baby A's safe arrival into your family. I heard about him via Patrice and Courtney and wanted so badly to adopt him, but the Lord did not have that in His plan for us. I believe He has this in his plan for you! Please let us know how it's going and if there's ANYTHING we can do to help!

    Laura from TX

  4. Hi guys...I'm so excited to see Baby A may finally have a home...I too have a son who has dystrophic EB...and feel free to call upon us for anything ....Click on our blog to follow Casey who is almost four. You are in our thoughts and prayers...

  5. Praying that things go quickly for you. So glad baby A has a family who loves him so well already. I'll follow this story, as baby A is in my heart as well. Good luck and prayers your way.