Saturday, February 26, 2011


I just wanted to write a quick blog to update y'all on how things are going.

I ended up not driving to go stay with the Williams Family but I will be flying there in two weeks!

Our home study is scheduled for March 19th and our social worker told me she would most likely have it back to me in a week. I couldn't believe she was willing to get it back to us that fast! Almost everyone I called said it would take 30 days and she is going to do it in a week! Well Lord willing of course.

Please be praying I can get all the paper work done for our home study and please be praying for wisdom as we will have to answer some very hard questions about why we want to do this and how we plan to care for the baby. The why is not hard and the how we plan to care for him is not hard either but proving to the country he is from that we are able to care for him might be hard. So if you think about it could you please be praying that God would begin working even now in the hearts of the people involved and that if this is God's will he will give us favor with them.

Those are all the things for now. Not much to report but news none the less.

Thank you all for following our story. It has blessed me so much to see how many people are supporting this possible adoption. We will keep moving forward and do everything we can to get him as long as the Lord keeps opening the doors.

I thank God for giving Jason and I the desire to be this child's parents and I pray if it is God's will that we will get to bring him home soon!


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  1. You are all in our prayers.
    Thanks for the update :)