Saturday, February 19, 2011

God is AWESOME!!!! Home Study update

I was starting to feel like things really hit a stand still. I felt like I was taking everything into my own hands and not trusting God with this adoption. I stepped back prayed and tried to keep reminding myself that God is sovereign over all things.

We were having a really hard time finding a home study agency we felt comfortable with. Our friend Kenny told us about a company his friends used to adopt two of their kids and they had nothing but good things to say about the company. I hadn't really heard of the company so I wasn't really wanting to jump on another crazy long phone call just so they could tell me they couldn't do it. I spent some time in prayer and then I thought I would go over the list of home study companies that our adoption agency had given us and wouldn't you know it the last one on the list was the same one Kenny recommend! I couldn't believe it. I called them right away and the director talked to me for a really long time and explained soooo much to me. I told her all about the child we wanted to adopt and she was excited for us. I told her we wanted to get moving on this right away so she told me to fax her our birth certificates, social security cards and our application and she would get working on our background checks to speed things up! I couldn't believe it the Lord provided someone who was personally recommended and was wanting to get this done as fast as we are!!!!

God is so faithful! We don't know for sure if we will get to adopt this baby but we will keep moving forward and trust that whatever God ordains is right!


I just wanted to clear up what I meant when I said we can't talk about it. Here is what we are not allowed to do... we can't say where he is from, what his name is and we can't post a picture other then that we are good to go. I will be keeping up with the adoption blog so y'all can join us on this journey I just wont post any of those things above.


  1. I'm so glad that you can still keep us updated and I'm thrilled that things are moving forward.

  2. Thanks for starting this blog. You will be in our prayers and we will follow your journey. Though we have never met, we are a large adoptive family with children with disabilities. You can meet us at


  3. I am praying that all works out and moves quickly for you.