Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time Line

Our Friend Stephanie asked how long we would have to go to the country Baby A is and how many trips we would have to take. As far as I understand it here is how this whole process will work.

We will schedule a home study to be done which will take a few weeks for them to get to us. Then it will take about 30 days from the time it is done for the social worker to complete it. After that it will get sent to Baby A's government for approval along with some other paper work. If they approve it all then we keep moving forward.

I'm not sure if it takes a few months for them to approve the paper work or if it just takes a few months of waiting after they approve it but once those months have passed Jason and I will both go to the country Baby A is in for 10 days. During that trip we will get to spend about 3 days with Baby A. I soooo wish we could spend that whole time with him! We will then decide if we want to keep moving forward or we could back out at that point which wont happen. We are 100 percent committed to this baby!

Then we have to come home and wait a few more months then we both have to go back for court. After our court date we have to wait for ten days before we can take Baby A home. We both have to stay for about 10 days that trip then we will go to court. After that we can both fly home then one or both of us could go back to get Baby A or one of us could stay there for those 10 days (after court) then bring him home alone or we could both stay the full two and a half weeks until we could bring him home.

We are not sure what we are going to yet. We do know that we will both be flying home with Baby A because of his medical needs I don't think one of us could do that alone.

The most important thing right now is that we find a well known trusted agency to do our home study.

I want to make sure everyone knows Baby A could get adopted by someone else at any point we are not guaranteed to get him. We are moving forward in hopes of being his forever family though!


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