Saturday, March 12, 2011

Answers about fundraising

Hi again! Today has been a really fun day! I spent the day taking step by step pictures of all things Jonah :) diaper changes, getting dressed and undressed, bath, dressing change, before bed routine. I am feeling more and more prepared to care of Anton's EB. I know a lot of it we will have to wait until he is home to see exactly what his skin can and can not handle but I think we have a GREAT starting point thanks to the William's Family!

A few people have asked me if we are still raising support for the adoption and the answer is YES! You can still donate directly on Anton's Reece's Rainbow page when you click on the link you will notice he has two profiles on Reece's Rainbow one has our family information beside it the other has his story beside it. One of them has more money than the other but I wanted y'all to know that all of the money from both of those places will go toward the costs associated with Anton's adoption. So don't worry if you gave and it is not on the new page it is still on the old one and we for sure be able to use it. Reece's Rainbow also made us a Pay Pal button for our blog and that will go directly to his account through Reece's Rainbow. I just haven't had a chance to put that up yet.

There is another really cool way to donate and that is on the Hope for Anton Blog. Patrice Williams (my friend I am staying with) found out about Anton through the EB community around the end of 2010. She has a HUGE heart for Anton and wasn't sure if God was calling their family to adopt him. They soon realized that God was not calling them to adopt Anton but she knew she wanted to help this sweet baby find a home. It was at that time Patrice decided to start doing fundraising for Anton's adoption it was around the same time that Recce's Rainbow added him to their page. Patrice wrote a VERY detailed blog about how she found Anton and how I then found him through a mutual friend Kristy. You can check out that post HERE! If you want to give towards Anton's adoption make sure you check out the Hope for Anton Blog and see if there anything on there you want to bid on or buy.

It is my desire to update this blog as often as possible because I truly want you guys to know where we are in this process. I know there are so many people that love Anton and are praying for him and I want you all to know we appreciate it so much!

Sweet little Anton I just wanted you to know that we love you very much and we are working as hard and as fast as we can to bring you home!



  1. So glad to get to meet you, Vanessa! And super duper glad that Anton will have a family that loves the Lord and can teach him all about Him!

  2. I found your blog through Patrice. Where there is life, there is death. My mom passed away (cancer) a week ago. In her memory, I donated to Anton's Reece's Rainbow account for his adoption. Her name was Patsy Dalton and she was the best mom EVAH! Good luck with everything.

  3. We learned about Anton through the blog of Daylon, another boy with EB. We have been praying ever since for a family for Anton. The Lord has answered our prayer. We are going to have a birthday party for our 2 year old at the end of the month and we are asking our guests to make a donation to Anton and/or Carson through the Reeces organization. It won't be a big party but I'm sure everything helps. God Bless you.

  4. I don't know who I am more excited for, Anton or your family!!! It has been so exciting to watch God working through Anton as we watch in wonder! Vanessa, I am so excited over your new friendship with Matt and Patrice, they are amazing people! I've always thought they were amazing parents and love how they share Jonah with us! Now, I know they are amazing PEOPLE as they share with you and to help you understand a little bit more about EB and how best to care for Anton!
    I'm committed to pray for Anton and your family. Thanks for the blog so we know best how to support you as we take you before the throne!

  5. God bless and keep your family! We're praying for you here in MD and Anton every night!!

  6. I saw Anton and was so sad that we were not able to make him ours. We are so excited that you have found him!!! I can't wait to see him in your arms. :)