Friday, March 25, 2011

What's Next?

Now that we have PASSED our home study we have a lot of paper work to do. The country we are adopting from is now requiring a psychologist evaluation to be included in the home study which our social worker found out about the day before our home study. We went ahead and did the home study knowing it couldn't be completed until we had our evaluations done. Our social worker is almost finished with the draft for our home study but she wont be able to finish our home study until we get our evaluations. I am trying to get that scheduled asap!

After our home study is complete then we will send that and our USCIS (immigration) paperwork to... well the place you send the USCIS paper :) That takes about 3 months to get back. I will be calling them often trying to get that part going as fast as we can. While we are waiting for that to be done we will be working on our Dossier. The Dossier is tons and tons of paperwork that will need to be filled out. Once that's done and we get our USCIS approval then our adoption agency sends our home study, dossier, and USCIS over to Eastern Europe and we wait for and invitation to travel to the country and meet ANTON! We will be there for about ten days that trip and that is when we will get to officially commit to his adoption (we are officially committed in America). Then we have to come back home for two or three months and wait for our final court date. When we go back the second time we will go for about two and a half weeks. We will go to court and officially adopt him then bring him home 10 days later. It is going to be so hard to go meet him on that first trip and spend time with him then come home without him but I know this is all part of the process. We love Anton and can't wait to bring him home no matter how long that take.

A few people were asking if we were covered as far as bandages go once we bring him home and I am so excited to say we are. There is an organization that will be providing us with everything we need until our insurance adds him to our policy. Praise God for this!

Anton is doing really well. He is gaining weight and he loves his baths which is amazing because it can be very painful for some people with EB. There is a new update on his Help Anton FB page if you want to read more about how he is doing. That is also where I get the pictures of Anton from.

We love this baby soooooo much and we can't wait to bring him home. The whole process could take anywhere from six months to a year but we are praying if it is the Lord's will that we can bring him home as soon as possible.

Don't forget to check out The Hope For Anton Blog to see what's up for bid or if you were wanting to make a donation with out biding on something you can click on his picture on the right side of this blog and donate directly through his Reece's Rainbow page but I will say the bidding is fun and you can get your Christmas shopping done early. Reece's Rainbow's server is having a hard time with all the traffic it's been getting lately so if the link is not working you can try back later.

Thank you guys so much for the support and donations we are so thankful for the work God is doing in our lives!

How cute is Anton with baby food on his face!?! He is getting so big!


  1. Wow, you do have a lot of things you go thru before your sweet angel gets to come home. I am praying for you both that all goes smooth and Anton will be home sooner then expected. He is so adorable!

  2. I'm praying God will provide a way for Anton to go home sooner than 6-12 months. I can't wait for the first pics of him HOME with his family!

  3. I just wanted to say congrats on this beautiful baby boy! We have been praying like crazy for this little angel! We are a Texas family too with a Moscow Region beauty,Ava, that joined our family in September '08.Ava was housed in several hospital's waiting for an opening at an orphange.When I saw Anton it was like looking at Ava. To say that we are overjoyed that he has a family is an understatement! Anton is going to bless your lives in ways that you can not even imagine.If I can help you in anyway during your adoption process please email me (
    BTW, Ava told me that she loves Anton and wants to hold and kiss him :)
    May God bless each of you on this journey to your sweet baby boy!

  4. Wow- what a process! Praying that the Lord will move swiftly and that sweet Anton can be a Delgado VERY soon.


  5. We have been praying for your family and that little Anton will be with you shortly!

    The process and wait must be very difficult but oh, so worth the wait :)


    (visiting from Patrice's blog)