Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3/8/11 Staying with the William's Family

I didn't help with dressing changes today because Jonah's grandmother was still here so she helped and I took video. I am going to get to help tomorrow though and I am excited about that! Patrice's friend (she is now my friend too more about that later) Muffy is going to come over and take pictures of me doing dressing changes on Thursday.

Back to Muffy she is hosting a women's Bible study at her house and they are going through the book Radical. Patrice and I went last night and it was a great time of fellowship and challenging each other. All the ladies were so sweet and so nice. If you haven't read the book Radical you must order it right away. It is so convicting to see how much the world has influenced my walk with the Lord but such a neat time for repentance.

Here is a picture of the ladies at the study.

Patrice posted a blog about our last few days go check it out here.

We took Jonah to the doctor today for his two year check up today. He was really upset when we first got there just because he knew where he was. He was crying so hard at one point it made me cry. I was just so sad that he was sad. Patrice is such an AMAZING mother. She sang to Jonah and just loved on him until he calmed down. He snuggled with her for awhile then got down and played happily for the rest of the time we were there.

We went and got hot fudge sundays after we left the doctors office and I have to say eating hot fudge sundays before lunch is the only way to go :)

I had so much fun playing with Jonah today. He LOVES bubbles and playing outside! I had fun pushing him in his car.

Sorry I'm not posting many pictures I am using Matt's computer and I don't want to upload them all on here. Once I get home I will post more blogs with pictures.

Patrice and Matt have such a great routine. It is so neat to watch them work together everything they looks like it takes no effort at all but they are working hard most of the day. They work great together as a team and know exactly what to do to help each other and Jonah. I pray if we are able to adopt Baby A we will also be able to work together like this.

I'm headed off to bed but hopefully I will post all about helping with dressing changes tomorrow.


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  1. I will be praying for you and Anton. I'm so glad your trip to see the Williams family went well.