Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lots to do...

Hi everyone I just wanted to stop in really quick and say I made it home safely and I am crazy busy :)

Jason and I just completed three and a half hours of adoption training online and we are about to go for one more hour. We have learned a lot and we look forward to learning more.

I had an AMAZING time with the Williams' Family and I miss them so much. I told Patrice they should more here but she keeps saying something about how they have beaches and mountains blah what are beaches and mountains compared to the joys of living close to us haha :) I'm kidding of course... well kind of.

I have a lot of paperwork to get together before our home study and I have a few more things to do to get our house ready so I might not blog very much over these next few days.

Our home study is officially scheduled for Saturday at 9am!!!!

I will try to keep y'all updated. I can not tell you guys thank you enough for all the prayers and support! God is so faithful and it has been so neat to watch everything coming together!

I leave you with a few amazing blogs to read. The first one was written by Kristy titled Little People Big Difference and it is about Kristy, Patrice and my children who are alive (including our sweet boy Anton) and the ones that are with Jesus it is so sweet and you will not regret reading it HERE.

The other one was written by Patrice and it is the full story of how she found Anton and how I later found him on my friend Kristy's FB page click HERE to read it.

The last thing I will leave you with is the link to the Hope for Anton blog there are some really neat fundraisers going on over there right now so hurry before you miss them :)


  1. We've had a sweet day in our home, and yet this is the ABSOLUTE SWEETEST PART! I am so excited that your family is adopting Anton. Have been praying for a while concerning this precious one. Having trouble holding back from waking up my husband to tell him that our prayers have been answered for this beautiful child of God. Thank you, JESUS! We will be praying for the way to be smooth before you.
    Our love in Him,

  2. I've been following Patrice and Kristi's blogs for awhile, and I am so honored to follow yours now as well...how GREAT is our God who brought you into Anton's life! It amazes me how his timing works so perfectly! You and your family don't know me, but you will be in my continued prayers. Hugs from your fellow Texan! (Patrice, Texas has beaches and mountains too...just sayin') :)

    Kellye from Houston

  3. It`s amazing to see how much things progressed since November!!!
    Just 5 months ago one Russian girl decided to use social networks like Facebook to get a word out about Antosha, and now he actually has a chance to be with a loving family.
    I am very happy there are people like You and Her! ))))

  4. SO excited for your family, Vanessa! I've followed Patrice's blog since Jonah was tiny - and I agree that they should move to TX!!! :)

    Praying that Saturday goes well! Please keep us posted, and if there's anything I can do to help, just let me know (we're in McKinney, so not too far from you!!)


  5. Thinking about you guys tonight (Friday), as I know your home study is in the morning and you're probably super busy and anxious. Good luck!